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Ecotec company performs management of waste with various class of hazard.

Our company perform collection, storage, transportation and utilization of hazardous waste all over the Ukraine for more than 20 years, and have got reputation of reliable and responsible partner. We have licences for operation with hazarous waste, qualified personel, own transport and equipment, which helps us to provide high quality service to our clients. Key directions in hazardous waste management:

  1. Precursors transportation in line with license, provided by Drug Control Commitee, our company performs transportation of precursors (list 1- 2 of table IV) «List of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors».
  2. Colection, storage and transportation of waste, for further utilization, destroying or landfilling, in line with list of waste coverred by licenses obtained from Ministry of Ecology and natural resources of Ukraine, Order № 200 dated 27.05.2016 and license issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection series АГ №507106.

Types of waste

  • Waste containing mercury incl. mercury-containing lamps;
  • Waste incandescent and LED lamps;
  • Waste and scrap of electronic components incl. monitors, etc.
  • Rechargeable batteries with electrolyte;
  • Used batteries of any type;
  • Filters - fuel, oil, air;
  • Waste from the production, receipt and use of pharmaceuticals;
  • Waste oil products and oil sludge incl. oils, water-oil mixtures, emulsions, coolants, oiled soil, sand, rags, wood, etc. etc.;
  • Sediments of sedimentation tanks;
  • Waste rubber products incl. tires;
  • Solutions of acids or bases;
  • Solutions after metal etching;
  • Waste paints and varnishes (ink, dyes, pigments, varnishes, varnish paints, etc.);
  • And other.

Bulky and construction waste


For the collection and removal of bulky and construction waste, we use containers of 8m3, 10m3, 20m3, 27m3 and 30m3. These containers are provided at the request of the Customer for a period agreed by the parties.

8 & 10 m3 m3
20 m3
27 & 30 m3
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